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Golden Product Liability Lawyers

When you purchase or use a product, you have every right to expect that the product will not cause serious injuries. When a company manufactures or sells a product —whether it’s a car, a medication, a household item, or any other product – it has a responsibility to ensure that its product is reasonably safe for its intended purpose. When a company fails to meet that responsibility and manufactures or sells a dangerous product that causes injury, it becomes the job of a Golden product liability lawyer to hold that company accountable.

At The Komyatte Law Firm, we fight for your rights when you are injured by a defective product. When you suffer serious injuries, we’ll fight for your rights and for the compensation that you deserve. Call our Golden office at (720) 330-3914 or contact us online. We serve clients throughout Colorado, in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and beyond, and in states across the country.

Specialized Expertise for Product Liability Cases 

Specialized expertise and experience are invaluable assets in investigating and prosecuting a product liability claim. Some cases require extensive investigation to determine which company or companies bear legal responsibility for a defective product that caused injury. Other cases require technical engineering analyses to determine the precise failure mode that caused the injury, or how the defect hurt the user. Our Golden product liability lawyers have the legal and technical knowledge and experience to thoroughly investigate all aspects of your product liability claim and to prove that claim with the necessary evidence in a court of law. 

Automotive Product Liability Lawyers in Golden, CO

When you purchase or use an automobile, you have a right to expect that the vehicle and its component parts will not cause serious injuries. When you or a loved one suffer injuries due to a defect with an automobile, you have a right to seek financial compensation from the company or companies responsible for the defect, whether the manufacturer of the vehicle or its components or the seller of the vehicle.

Our Golden automotive product liability lawyers have decades of success in litigating serious injury cases resulting from automotive defects and obtaining justice and financial compensation for clients injured due to an automotive defect. We have recovered tens of millions of dollars in financial compensation for injury victims in cases against major automakers and component suppliers. We handle automotive product liability cases nationwide and have successfully obtained justice for automotive product liability clients in numerous states including Colorado, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, and California. We frequently co-counsel with attorneys from other states who seek out our specialized expertise to assist in obtaining justice for their clients injured by an automotive defect.

We handle all types of automotive product liability cases involving catastrophic injuries or wrongful death, including:

  • Crashworthiness Defects – Auto manufacturers have a legal duty to provide a vehicle that offers reasonable protection to occupants in the event of an accident. When the manufacturer fails to do so, it can be held liable for failing to provide a “crashworthy” vehicle.
  • Structural Defects – Automakers can also be held legally liable for injuries or death resulting from a defect with a vehicle’s structural members, which allows the occupants to be subjected to injurious crash forces.
  • Seat Defects – Injuries can also result from defects with a seat, such as a seatback that collapses in an accident. We handle seat defect cases for injury victims across the United States.
  • Airbag Defects – Vehicle occupants can be injured due to a defect with a vehicle’s airbags, such as a failure to deploy in an accident, a lack of sufficient protection from the airbag, and even an airbag that deploys with too much force.
  • Seatbelt Defects – We handle cases arising from defects with seatbelts, such as a failure to properly latch or to remain latched in an accident. A problem with a seatbelt is often indicative of a defect for which the manufacturer can be held legally liable.
  • Vehicle Fires – Vehicle fires can cause some of the most serious injuries in an accident. Automakers know this and are required to design their vehicles so as to prevent vehicle fires. We handle vehicle fire cases against automakers across the United States.
  • Tire Defects – A tire defect can lead to a serious accident often involving high speeds and devastating injuries. We handle tire defect cases for injury victims nationwide.
  • Laminated Glass – Laminated glass is a key safety feature that can retain an occupant inside the vehicle in a serious accident. Yet many automakers do not use laminated glass in certain parts of the vehicle. A lack of laminated glass can be indicative of a defect for which the manufacturer can be held legally liable.
  • Rollover Accidents – Automakers are required to include various safety features to protect occupants in rollover accidents, such as rollover curtain airbags, rollover pretensioners, and rollover sensors. Where occupants are ejected and injured or killed in a rollover accident, the manufacturer may be liable for its failure to properly design the vehicle with sufficient rollover protection.
  • Sudden Acceleration Accidents – We have handled serious injury and wrongful death cases relating to “sudden unintended acceleration” (“SUA”) across the United States. SUA is almost always indicative of a vehicle defect for which the manufacturer may be held legally liable.
  • Electronic Stability Control – Electronic stability control (“ESC”) is an important safety feature that is highly effective in preventing loss of vehicle control, yet automakers resisted including ESC in their vehicles for years. We handle ESC cases for serious injury and wrongful death clients nationwide.
  • Collision Avoidance Technology (CAT) – CAT measures such as lane departure and collision avoidance warnings are becoming ubiquitous in newer model vehicles yet many models do not contain these important safety features or contain CAT features that malfunction or fail to properly prevent a serious accident. We handle CAT cases across the United States.
  • Child Safety – Automakers know that children require special protections in foreseeable accidents and have a duty to design their vehicles accordingly. When a child is seriously injured or killed in an accident, we investigate to determine whether a vehicle defect or car seat defect was a cause.
  • Recalled Vehicles – When occupants of a vehicle with an open recall are seriously injured or killed in an accident, the recalled condition is often the root cause. We handle serious injury and wrongful death cases involving recalled vehicles nationwide.

Serious Lawyers for Serious Cases

The Komyatte Law Firm has over 45 years of collective experience handling product liability cases. We understand what it takes to win your case and get you the justice you deserve. From our Golden office, we serve clients throughout Colorado, in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and beyond, and in states across the country. Call today at (720) 330-3914 or contact us online to set up a free consultation.

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How to Win a Product Liability Case

When you’ve been injured by a dangerous or defective product, the law may impose liability on the company that designed, manufactured, distributed, marketed, or sold that product – or on all companies within this chain of distribution, from the design phase to the point of sale. A product manufacturer or seller has a legal duty to act reasonably in designing, manufacturing, distributing, marketing, and selling its product, and can be held legally liable when its negligence causes injury to a user of the product. The manufacturer or seller can also be held “strictly” liable when it designs, manufactures, distributes, or sells a defective product that causes injury to a user. While the details of product liability laws may vary somewhat from state to state, companies that design, manufacture, or sell a dangerous or defective product can usually be held legally liable when that product results in a serious injury to a user. An experienced Golden product liability lawyer can investigate and explain the legal and technical issues involved in your serious injury or wrongful death case, advise you on how best to proceed, and successfully get you the compensation that you deserve. 

The Design Defect Case

When a product causes injury, there is a good chance that the design of the product was flawed from the start. One common example is a car that was designed without a commonly available safety feature like side curtain airbags, electronic stability control, or collision avoidance technology. Another example is a vaping device that is designed to use a lithium ion battery, which has a propensity to catch fire or explode, in close proximity to the user’s face. These are just a couple examples of products with design features that are accidents waiting to happen. A product manufacturer may be held strictly liable for a defective product design or for negligently designing a dangerous product.

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